What Inspired Me To Write A Book About Credit

June 13, 2019

From my work as a mortgage loan officer, I know that most people don’t fully understand credit. But that isn’t the first thing that inspired me to write this book.

What really drove me to do it is my own experiences in dealing with credit. I used to have horrible credit and knew a thing about it.

This included not knowing how my score was created or what effect various things would have on it. It also included not having a clue how to fix it.

The place I started from was one of complete ignorance. This didn’t mean I was stupid but it did mean I was uneducated on the subject of credit.

In speaking with thousands of people about mortgages and their credit over the years, I have learned that most people were just as educated as I was when I started out. Which is to say that they had never been taught much, if anything, about credit.

The absence of proper education about credit in schools and while we grow up has put the American public in a bad position. They don’t know how to get good credit, how to keep good credit or how to fix their credit when it isn’t good.

I know the frustration this causes because I have lived it myself and have seen many clients go through it. When I finally put together the information I was able to gather and seek out, I knew this was something I had to share.

But only sharing it with my clients won’t create enough impact. My goal is to make credit difficulties a thing of the past by giving the information that everyone needs to know.

It is a very exciting thing to watch someone take this information and transform the way they think about credit and improve their ability to take control of their credit.

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