01. Strategic

Our knowledge of the industry and years of experience have allowed us to understand the secrets of credit like few others. This knowledge gives us insights that enable us to establish the correct strategy for you!

02. Professional

We have done a deep dive into the credit scoring system, gathering information for years so that we can help you take control over your credit scores. Our commitment to digging out the truth about credit has enabled us to know the subject with extreme precision.

03. Results Driven

Instead of just removing old late payments from your credit, leaving you with no more information than you had before (and putting you in position to make the same mistakes again) our goal is to give you the tools so that you can get your credit where you want it for years to come.

Proven Success

Todd Wilson, Credit Expert, Mortgage Professional

Todd has been in the mortgage industry since 2001 and spent a lot of time researching and learning about credit, but he didn’t know it all. After going through bankruptcy and foreclosure, he stayed out of the credit world for four years.

Realizing how much this was holding him back, he decided to get back into the credit game. But there was very little information on how to do this. In fact, the credit bureaus will tell you that you must have credit in order to get credit.

Knowing this didn’t make sense, he had to use unconventional methods of finding out how to rebuild credit. In doing so, he learned a lot more about credit than he thought he ever would. Using himself as a test case, he not only found out how to build credit but also learned many other things that most people have never heard of.

Taking a deep dive into how credit scoring works, Todd found out details that are not taught elsewhere,

including tips and tricks for quickly improving scores and ways to avoid having credit scores go down.

Knowing all this information and using it to help clients one at a time, he decided it was time to make the information more broadly known, writing the book Crack The Credit Code.

Today, Todd continues to look for new ways to help others improve their credit and take control of it.

What Our Clients Say

This Should Be Mandatory Reading For All. I wish that school would teach real life lesson like this. What is credit, how does the thing work, how they judge you and how to get out from under that debt rock. Seriously, I have had some eye opening, aha, are you kidding me, and those sneaky (blanks) moments while reading this. If you have credit, if you don’t have credit, if you have bad credit, good credit or want to judge someone based on their credit YOU NEED TO READ THIS. The truth of how the game is played it not what I’ve been told, yes it is played like a game. The real numbers are not at all what the credit companies lead us to believe.


Credit is unfortunately not a subject taught in schools yet a heavy majority of American adults use credit in some form or fashion in their lifetime. This book is a must read for everyone. Crack the Credit Code is an American textbook on credit. Instead of learning the subject of credit by experiencing pitfalls or learning by trial and error, this book provides the basics of credit, what you need to know in order to use it successfully and avoid and prevent the pitfalls and errors. It dispels the mysteries, cracks the myths and makes the daunting and confusing subject of credit and credit scores simple and easy to understand. It separates the true and helpful information on how to handle and manage your credit from the false and actually harmful “solutions” that are presented to most Americans about how to get out of debt or manage your credit which in many cases causes more harm than good. This book will give you the basic tools and essential information you need to know about this subject so that you can take control of your credit situation good or bad and improve it and use it to your advantage to achieve what you want.”


Wow! Crack The Credit Code gives the straight info about credit! Very practical knowledge. Todd Wilson takes his many years of knowledge and experience in working with credit and loans and breaks it all down for you, answering the mysteries of the credit world — from giving you the basic understanding of what credit really is to what makes up your credit score and the best ways to go about building your credit and getting out of credit debt. This is knowledge for use. Knowledge no one else out there really teaches. And not knowing it can cost one a fortune. Thanks Todd!!”


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