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Most people struggle with credit at some point in their life. Regardless of the reasons, the main thing that causes this is a lack of education about credit.
No one teaches you about credit in school. Your teachers and parents didn’t know enough about credit themselves so how could they teach it?
Instead of paying for expensive credit repair, guessing what is the correct thing to do or learning by making mistakes, you now have the chance to learn the truth about credit so you can control yours.

The Technical Stuff

The only thing most people are taught about credit is to pay their bills on time. While this is important, it only accounts for 35% of your credit score. We give you the breakdown of exactly what is used to calculate your credit score and how each of these factors work together.

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Our Expertise

Todd Wilson has spent two decades learning about credit. After experiencing the effects of not knowing enough about it, he made it his mission to research the smallest details.
CrackYourCredit.com is the result of that research, giving you the tools to avoid making common mistakes and to rebuild if you have already made them. The book alone can help you improve your credit score or you can apply for consulting to get the exact steps to take on your credit

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